Any PC, which met the system requirements of NinjaTrader is sufficient for installing and using our software.

In case of using a great number of charts on extended desktop (multiple monitors) and big historical data volume it may be desired to enlarge RAM size and to have appropriate graphics processor. The bigger is downloaded history period, the longer is response time of indicators both while installation and settings changing.


  • Then launch executable file from the “” archive on your PC.

  • Select a product based on your license type and fill an order ID and your E-mail.
  • Click the “Activate” button. The license will be installed on your device.

You may not download the license activator separately. After installation of the main package, you should have shortcut for the Arprof license tool on your desktop too. Please run the tool and follow the instruction above.

Please notice, that while you don’t have valid license file, you should not be able to use NinjaTrader. If you need to run NinjaTrader anyway, you have to uninstall the Bridge or remove BridgeNT8MTNet.dll file from “YourDocuments\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\” folder.

Please do the following to install the Bridge package:

  • close NinjaTrader if it’s running
  • run installation wizard (setup file from “” archive) and follow the instruction as shown below:

  • press “Next” to go to the next dialog window

  • accept the license agreement

  • select destination folder for the software, if necessary, and continue installation

  • complete the installation
  • start NinjaTrader platform
  • open the menu item “New”;
  • select “Bridge NT8-MT5 Net”

  • make settings in accordance with the user manual.

Please take care of your license file in case of accidents related to potential loss of data on your computer while reinstalling software.

Now, the installation of your personal copy of the Bridge software is finished.


To update software version do next:

  • download the new version of setup file from your account at our website
  • close NinjaTrader if it’s running
  • start installation wizard of updated pack and follow instructions, as shown above
  • start trading platform

When updating the software, additional activation is not required (but license key must stay in specified folder).


To uninstall software do next:

  • close the NinjaTrader software, then open “Programs and Features” from Windows ControlPanel, find the Bridge software, select it and press “Uninstall” button.